10 Adventure Time Spinoffs That Could Work After Fionna & Cake


Marceline's Rock 'n' Roll Rebellion: Explore Marceline's musical journey and her rise to rock stardom in the Nightosphere.

Princess Bubblegum's Scientific Escapades: Join PB in her quest to push the boundaries of candy-based science.

Ice King's Pre-Madness Chronicles: Uncover the tragic yet fascinating backstory of the Ice King before his transformation.

The Lich's Rise to Power: Delve into the origins and evolution of Adventure Time's most menacing villain, The Lich.

BMO's Digital Dimensions: Follow BMO's adventures in the virtual world, exploring various game realms.

Jake's Shape-Shifting Chronicles: Discover the secrets behind Jake's incredible shape-shifting abilities and his early adventures.

The Enchiridion's Mystical History: Learn about the ancient artifact's past and its significance in Ooo.

Lady Rainicorn's Multiverse Odyssey: Join Lady Rainicorn as she travels through different dimensions, facing unique challenges.

Susan Strong's Warrior Origins: Unearth Susan's mysterious past and her journey to becoming a formidable warrior.

The Great Mushroom War Chronicles: Witness the epic battle that transformed the world of Adventure Time into the post-apocalyptic land of Ooo.