10 Beautiful Native American Names for Babie


Nayeli: Meaning "I love you" in the Zapotec language, Nayeli is a name filled with affection and warmth, perfect for your little one.

Kai: A unisex name of Navajo origin, Kai means "willow tree," connecting your child to nature and growth.

Aylen: This Mapuche name signifies "clear" or "joyful," reflecting the purity and happiness that a baby brings.

Aiyana: Of Sioux origin, Aiyana means "eternal blossom," symbolizing the everlasting beauty of your child.

Lakota: A unisex name representing the Lakota tribe, it carries the rich heritage and spirit of Native American culture

Dakota: Meaning "friend" or "ally" in the Sioux language, Dakota celebrates the bonds of friendship and community.

Yamka: A Hopi name signifying "butterfly," Yamka evokes the sense of transformation and freedom.

Tala: This Cherokee name translates to "wolf," symbolizing strength, independence, and unity with nature.

Leni: Of Algonquin origin, Leni means "sweet," a charming name that encapsulates your baby's sweetness.