10 Best-30 Minutes Ab Workout


Plank Variations: Incorporate side planks, forearm planks, and high planks to engage all core muscles for a well-rounded workout.

Russian Twists: Target your obliques with this twisting exercise using a medicine ball or dumbbell.

Bicycle Crunches: An effective move to work on your upper and lower abs simultaneously.

Leg Raises: Strengthen your lower abs by lifting your legs while lying on your back.

Mountain Climbers: A dynamic exercise that torches calories and tightens your core.

Hollow Body Hold: Focus on your deep core muscles with this isometric hold.

V-Ups: A challenging exercise to enhance core stability and build a six-pack.

Dead Bug: Improve your coordination and balance while targeting your core muscles.

Superman Lifts: Strengthen your lower back and core with this back-extension exercise.