10 Best Sitcom Episodes Set On Halloween


"The One with the Halloween Party" (Friends): Friends' Halloween party episode is a classic, filled with hilarious costumes and romantic tension between Ross and Rachel.

"Treehouse of Horror" (The Simpsons): The Simpsons' annual Halloween special offers a spooky, funny, and satirical take on various horror tales.

"Halloween" (Brooklyn Nine-Nine): The detectives of the 99th precinct compete in an epic heist in this hilarious Halloween-themed episode.

"Halloween Surprise" (Parks and Recreation): Leslie's sweet proposal to Ben and Tom's elaborate scavenger hunt make this episode a fan favorite.

"Halloween" (The Office): The Dunder Mifflin team's costumes and office pranks create moments of pure comedic gold.

"Halloween or Halloween" (Modern Family): The Dunphys' rivalry for the title of "Coolest Halloween House" brings loads of laughter.

"Scaredy Pants" (SpongeBob SquarePants): SpongeBob's attempts to be the scariest sea creature in Bikini Bottom are adorably funny.

"Halloween of Horror" (The Middle): The Hecks' hilarious Halloween misadventures, from costumes to candy, make for a memorable episode.

"Halloween on Spooner Street" (Family Guy): Peter and the gang's shenanigans lead to a wild Halloween party.

"Witches of East Arlen" (King of the Hill): Hank's conservative values clash with his neighbors' eccentric Halloween traditions, resulting in comedic chaos.