High-Fiber Lunch: 10 Recipes to Keep You Full Until Dinner


Greek Salad Wrap: Combine diced cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, and olives in a whole wheat wrap. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle oregano for a refreshing and nutritious meal.

Hummus and Veggie Plate: Pack whole-grain pita bread with hummus and a variety of colorful veggies like bell peppers, carrots, and cherry tomatoes for a satisfying crunch.

Quinoa Tabbouleh: Toss cooked quinoa with chopped parsley, tomatoes, and red onion. Drizzle with lemon juice and a touch of olive oil for a flavorful, fiber-rich option.

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad: Combine canned chickpeas, diced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and red onion. Season with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and a pinch of cumin.

Greek Yogurt Parfait: Layer Greek yogurt with honey, fresh berries, and a sprinkle of granola for a quick, high-protein breakfast or snack.

Mediterranean Couscous Bowl: Cook whole-wheat couscous and mix with roasted veggies, olives, and feta cheese. Drizzle with a lemon-tahini dressing for added flavor

Stuffed Bell Peppers: Pre-cook quinoa and mix it with ground turkey or lentils, tomatoes, and spices. Fill bell peppers and bake until tender.

Mediterranean Oatmeal: Prepare oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon and top it with chopped dates, figs, and a handful of nuts for added fiber and energy.

Eggplant and Spinach Quesadilla: Layer sautéed eggplant, spinach, and a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese between whole wheat tortillas. Toast for a quick, savory delight.