5 Times Suits Was Like A Real Law Firm


Legal Jargon Galore: Suits was a master at weaving intricate legal terminology into everyday conversations, just like real law firms do. It made us all feel like honorary attorneys.

The Power Struggles: The show's constant power struggles and office politics mirrored the competitive nature of a real law firm, where ambition and rivalry are everyday occurrences.

Dress to Impress: Suits had us convinced that a sharp suit was the armor of a lawyer, mirroring the impeccable dress code and attention to appearance in the legal world.

Late-Night Brainstorms: Like real lawyers, the characters in Suits often burned the midnight oil, brainstorming and preparing for court cases, giving us a glimpse into the demanding nature of their profession.

High-Stakes Courtroom Drama: The intense courtroom scenes in the show felt like real-life legal battles, keeping us on the edge of our seats and showcasing the thrill of the legal world.