6 Best 15 Min Yoga Exercises For Digestion 2023


Child's Pose: Begin with this calming pose to relax your abdominal muscles and stimulate digestion by compressing the abdomen gently. Hold for 2-3 minutes.

Cat-Cow Stretch: Transition into this dynamic movement to massage your digestive organs, promoting better digestion in just 2 minutes.

Seated Forward Bend: Stretching the hamstrings and massaging the abdomen, this asana aids digestion while increasing blood flow. Hold for 2-3 minutes.

Twisting Chair Pose: Rev up digestion with this twist that stimulates your abdominal organs, improving digestion in 2-3 minutes.

Bridge Pose: Inverting your body gently enhances blood flow to your digestive system, helping in digestion, holding for 2-3 minutes.

Wind-Relieving Pose: This aptly named pose aids digestion by compressing the abdomen and releasing gas. Hold each side for 2 minutes.