6 Mediterranean Breakfast to Increase Your magnesium Intake


Spinach and Feta Omelette (10+ words): Kickstart your day with a nutritious spinach and feta omelette, rich in magnesium and protein, a Mediterranean breakfast staple.

Greek Yogurt Parfait (10+ words): Enjoy a creamy Greek yogurt parfait topped with almonds, honey, and figs for a magnesium-packed, delightful morning treat.

Avocado Toast with Tahini (10+ words): Savor the perfect combo of avocados and tahini on whole-grain toast, offering healthy fats and a magnesium boost.

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl (10+ words): Fuel your day with a quinoa breakfast bowl loaded with fruits, nuts, and seeds for a fiber-rich, magnesium-packed meal.

Mediterranean Chia Pudding (10+ words): Prepare a chia pudding with almond milk, dates, and pistachios for a scrumptious, magnesium-rich breakfast that's easy to make.

Hummus and Whole Wheat Pita (10+ words): Spread creamy hummus on whole wheat pita bread, a simple and magnesium-rich Mediterranean breakfast to keep you energized.