7 Best Ab Workout For Busy Moms

7 Best Ab Workout For Busy Moms

Plank Variations: Strengthen Your Core With Standard Planks Side Planks And Forearm Planks For A Quick But Effective Ab Workout.

Leg Raises: While Lying On Your Back Lift Your Legs To Work Those Lower Abdominal Muscles.

Bicycle Crunches: Engage Your Obliques And Core By Mimicking A Bicycle Pedaling Motion.

Russian Twists: Sit On The Floor Twist Your Torso And Touch The Ground On Either Side To Work Your Entire Core.

Mountain Climbers: Incorporate This Cardio-Friendly Ab Exercise For A Quick Calorie Burn.

Bird-Dog Exercise: Kneel On All Fours And Extend One Leg And The Opposite Arm To Improve Balance And Core Strength.

Plank Jacks: Combine Planks With Jumping Jacks To Enhance The Intensity Of Your Ab Workout.