8 Best Anime That Followed Dragon Ball's Legacy


Naruto: Embracing the spirit of perseverance and friendship, Naruto delivers epic battles and character development reminiscent of Dragon Ball.

One Piece: With its vast world-building and diverse characters, One Piece captures the essence of adventure found in Dragon Ball.

My Hero Academia: This modern anime mirrors Dragon Ball's themes of heroism and the growth of young warriors.

Hunter x Hunter: Complex characters and intense battles make Hunter x Hunter a spiritual successor to Dragon Ball.

Fairy Tail: Filled with magic, friendship, and powerful guilds, Fairy Tail echoes the camaraderie and magic of Dragon Ball.

Yu Yu Hakusho: This classic anime shares Dragon Ball's action-packed storytelling and the journey of a young hero.

Fullmetal Alchemist: A tale of redemption, sacrifice, and alchemy, Fullmetal Alchemist carries Dragon Ball's themes of transformation and growth.

Bleach: With its supernatural battles and unique powers, Bleach is reminiscent of Dragon Ball's iconic battles and energy-based attacks.