8 Full House Moments That Made Fans Cry


D.J. and Steve's Heartfelt Goodbye - When D.J. and Steve parted ways as he left for college, tears flowed as their sweet romance faced a bittersweet separation.

Jesse's Emotional Vows - Jesse's tearful wedding vows to Becky were a true tearjerker, showing his deep love and commitment to his wife.

Michelle's Amnesia Episode - Michelle's memory loss was a heart-wrenching moment that tugged at our heartstrings, leaving fans emotionally invested.

Danny's "I'm Not Ready to Let You Go" - Danny's emotional breakdown as Michelle headed to preschool was a touching portrayal of a parent's struggle to let go.

Stephanie's "Don't Leave Me" - Stephanie's plea to her dad as he prepared to marry Vicky showcased her vulnerability and had fans reaching for tissues.

The Tanner Family Hug - The final group hug in the last episode was an emotional farewell, symbolizing the end of an era and leaving fans in tears.

Papouli's Passing - When Papouli passed away, the family's grief was palpable, and viewers couldn't help but sob along with them.

The "Teddy Bear" Speech - In a heart-to-heart talk, D.J. reveals her love for her father's teddy bear, highlighting the special bond she shares with Danny.