Every Season Of Bojack Horseman, Ranked Worst To Best


Season 6 - The Least Memorable: Season 6 may have wrapped up the series, but it lacked the emotional punch and sharp humor that defined earlier seasons. It's still good, but it pales in comparison.

Season 5 - A Solid Entry: Season 5 continued to explore complex themes but suffered from some uneven pacing. Nevertheless, it featured standout episodes that showcased BoJack's inner turmoil.

Season 1 - A Strong Introduction: The first season introduced us to the quirky world of BoJack Horseman and established its unique style. Though it found its footing as it progressed, it remains a must-watch.

Season 4 - A Return to Form: Season 4 saw a welcome return to the show's emotional depth, focusing on character development and highlighting the consequences of their actions.

Season 2 - A Brilliant Sophomore Effort: The second season deepened character relationships, delved into BoJack's past, and maintained a perfect balance of humor and melancholy.

Season 3 - The Magnum Opus: Season 3 was the pinnacle of BoJack Horseman's brilliance, delivering a heart-wrenching narrative with impeccable character arcs and a dash of satire. A masterpiece.