Do You Need Supplements & Vitamins On A Paleo Diet?


The Nutrient-Rich Foundation: On a Paleo diet, you focus on whole, unprocessed foods, which can provide a strong foundation of essential nutrients.

Vitamin D: Sunlight or Supplements? Many Paleo enthusiasts get their vitamin D from natural sunlight, but supplements may be necessary in regions with limited sun exposure.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: While fish is a primary source of Omega-3s in Paleo, consider fish oil supplements to ensure an adequate intake.

Magnesium Matters: Magnesium-rich foods are part of the Paleo diet, but some may still benefit from supplements for improved muscle and nerve function.

Iron for Energy: Paleo includes iron-rich foods like red meat, but certain individuals, especially vegetarians, may need iron supplements.

Digestive Health: Probiotic supplements can support a healthy gut, vital for absorbing nutrients from your Paleo meals.

Bone Health and Calcium: Leafy greens are a Paleo calcium source, but for those with dairy restrictions, calcium supplements might be necessary.

Vitamin B12: Paleolithic diets lack B12 sources, so supplementing is crucial, especially for vegans or vegetarians.

Zinc for Immunity: While red meat and nuts provide zinc, some might require supplements to boost immune function.