New Jersey Has a New State Sandwich—and It's Inspired By Taylor Swift


The Garden State's Culinary Ode to Taylor Swift – New Jersey's new state sandwich pays tribute to pop sensation Taylor Swift with a delectable twist.

"Taylor's Tasty Melody" – Aptly named "Taylor's Tasty Melody," this sandwich is a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.

A Star-Studded Lineup of Ingredient – The sandwich features ingredients that reflect Taylor's Tennessee roots and global stardom.

Savory and Sweet: The Swift Combination – It boasts a balance of savory and sweet, mirroring Taylor's diverse musical style.

Nashville-Inspired BBQ Brisket – The Nashville-inspired BBQ brisket captures the essence of Taylor's southern musical roots.

Shake It Off with Spicy Coleslaw – Spicy coleslaw adds a zesty kick, symbolizing Taylor's ability to overcome challenges.

Red, Red Tomatoe – The sandwich includes vibrant red tomatoes, a nod to Taylor's iconic "Red" era.

Fearless Avocado Slice – Fearlessly sliced avocado symbolizes Taylor's courage to explore new horizons.