Olivia Dunne Goes Viral On TikTok Showing Off Her New Nike Dunk


This week, Olivia Dunne, the wildly popular gymnast from LSU, has been somewhat silent on her social media accounts.

It is most likely related to the fact that the LSU gymnastics team, who placed second against the University of Denver this past weekend, earned a spot in the Elite 8 of the 2023 NCAA Championships.

It is reasonable to presume that Livvy is spending the week getting her frequently injured body ready for the major competition given that she has only participated in three of the sixth-ranked Tigers' events this year.

Her Snapchat account attests to the fact that she has been spending time in the LSU gymnastics locker room, but it is unclear if she will be competing in the NCAA Semifinals in Fort Worth on Thursday, April 13.

While all of that was going on, Breckie Hill, Livvy Dunne's fiercest rival on TikTok, continued to disparage the gymnast.

Additionally, I'm fairly certain that Breckie Hill took aim at America's favorite collegiate gymnast in her most recent TikTok, which she uploaded on Thursday.

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