Succession Season 4, Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: 6 Election Night Twists


Logan's Shocker: The Episode Opens with a Surprise Resignation In a stunning turn of events, Logan Roy begins the episode by resigning as CEO of Waystar Royco, leaving the Roy family and the audience in shock.

Kendall's Ambitious Bid for Power Kendall seizes the opportunity and announces his run for CEO, setting the stage for an intense power struggle with his father.

Roman's Unexpected Support for Kendall Roman, who has often been in Logan's corner, surprisingly backs Kendall's bid, adding a new layer of complexity to the family dynamics.

Shiv's Political Gamble Shiv decides to leverage the family's crisis to further her political ambitions, leaving Tom to navigate the chaos on his own.

Connor's Presidential Dreams Connor's eccentric presidential campaign takes a bizarre turn, raising questions about his sanity and his place in the family's power structure.

The Final Twist: Logan's Calculated Move As the episode ends, Logan unveils a strategic move that leaves everyone guessing about his true intentions and sets the stage for a gripping climax in the season finale.