The 7 Biggest Reveals In Peacock's Menendez + Menudo: Boys Betrayed Docuseries


Shocking Testimonies: Former Menudo members open up about their experiences in heart-wrenching interviews, revealing the struggles and betrayals they faced during their time in the group.

Menendez Brothers Connection: The docuseries uncovers a surprising link between the Menendez brothers and the Menudo band, shedding light on an unexpected twist in the infamous murder case.

Unseen Footage: Viewers are treated to never-before-seen archival footage from Menudo's early days, giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the band's rise to fame.

Managerial Manipulation: The show exposes the darker side of the music industry, highlighting how Menudo's management controlled the young artists and exploited their talents.

Personal Confessions: Menudo members reveal deeply personal stories, including struggles with addiction, identity, and the toll that fame took on their lives.

Betrayal and Breakups: The docuseries delves into the band's tumultuous history, uncovering shocking betrayals, conflicts, and the reasons behind Menudo's many lineup changes.

Legacy and Redemption: Menendez + Menudo explores the lasting impact of Menudo on its former members' lives and their journey towards personal and professional redemption.