Top 5 Bikes Owned by the ‘American Badass’ & WWE Icon Undertaker


Custom Built West Coast Choppers CFL: The Undertaker's love for custom bikes began with the CFL, a sleek chopper built by West Coast Choppers, reflecting his rebellious persona.

Harley-Davidson Softail: The Deadman's collection wouldn't be complete without a classic Harley. He's often been spotted cruising on his Harley-Davidson Softail.

Confederate Hellcat X132: Undertaker's fascination with power is evident in his Confederate Hellcat X132, a beast of a bike with a 132 cubic inch engine.

Orange County Choppers Bike: In a memorable episode of 'American Chopper,' the Undertaker collaborated with OCC to create a unique motorcycle, further cementing his bike aficionado status.

Yamaha VMAX: This Japanese muscle bike is another gem in Undertaker's garage. The VMAX's powerful V4 engine suits his badass image perfectly.