‘Werewolf By Night’ Co-Creator Roy Thomas Unearths 1958 Horror Film He Made as a Teen


A Horror Enthusiast's Beginning: Roy Thomas's Journey into Filmmaking – Before co-creating 'Werewolf By Night,' Roy Thomas explored horror at a young age.

A Forgotten Gem: 'Nightmare House' (1958) – Thomas recently rediscovered a 1958 horror film, 'Nightmare House,' he directed as a teenager.

A Rare Find: The Mystery of 'Nightmare House' – The 8mm film was hidden away for decades, revealing Thomas's early cinematic talents.

Teenage Horror: What to Expect from 'Nightmare House' – The film offers a unique glimpse into the horror influences that shaped Thomas's career.

Classic Horror Elements: The Making of 'Nightmare House' – Thomas used practical effects and suspense-building techniques, showcasing his creativity.

Influences on 'Werewolf By Night' – 'Nightmare House' hints at the origins of Thomas's later work in the comic book world.