What’s the Deal With Dalgona Cookies From ‘Squid Game’? | NETFLIX


Dalgona Cookies: A Viral Hit Inspired by ‘Squid Game’ Dalgona cookies are the latest culinary sensation, inspired by the popular Netflix series 'Squid Game.'

A Sweet Twist on the Iconic Dalgona Candy These cookies take their name from the iconic Dalgona candy featured in the series, giving them a unique and nostalgic touch.

Crunchy and Delicious: The Perfect Treat Dalgona cookies are loved for their satisfying crunch and delicious taste, making them an irresistible snack.

Easy to Make at Home You can whip up a batch of Dalgona cookies in your own kitchen with simple ingredients and minimal effort.

Nostalgia Meets Pop Culture These cookies are a fusion of nostalgia and pop culture, bringing the world of 'Squid Game' into your kitchen.

Perfect for Binge-Watching Enjoy Dalgona cookies while binge-watching 'Squid Game' for the ultimate viewing experience.